• Hatching an Egg — A story about Cross Functional Teams and Agility

    16 maart 2019 | randy
  • Working Agile and Cross functional teams are commonly used in correlation with each other. Working Agile has to do with focusing on Customer (and thus Business) value, transparency, continuous improvement and adapting to change.

    There are a lot of theories on what a cross functional team is. Is a cross functional team a team where all team members are able to pick up any task for the team? Or is a cross functional team a team that has every discipline represented to complete the task or mission they are assigned for? If you would go even deeper you could argue on what a team is? Is a team the group of people that works fulltime together or is a team a group of people that share the responsibility to work on a certain solution, which might even have sub teams?

    This story is not about that discussion, but it is about why it is worth considering to de-silo and work with teams that can have a shared responsibility for the end-to-end solution to foster the ability of working truly Agile.

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